Not shutting up is not exactly one of the premises with which many of the women who visit this site grew up. It wasn’t an “important premise” a few years ago. But things change.

Years ago, women were also not head of the family, nor were they single mothers (just being single became a shame at some point). And if we go further back, they did not vote either. But things change.

So you will see that the changes in the story are made by people who opened their mouths. If we don’t talk, nothing changes. Not shutting up is a premise with which recent generations are forming. And that’s great.

I remember a note from a teacher that was always etched in my head: “Never shut up.” Even back then, talking was revolutionary. And I admit that I never cared if others liked what I said or not, but I always had that voice saying: “never shut up.” Reality shows that not all of women have been as lucky as I was.

And many still do not know how liberating it is not shutting up. Don’t keep quiet about what you don’t like or aren’t willing to tolerate. About what makes you happy or unhappy. Why not, also about what we feel or live. Only in this way, we’ll change things we don’t like, and we reaffirm those that we do.

First we learn to speak, then we learn to shut up. Finally, we learn not to shut up about those things someone should say. It is an important part of our mental health, and it is not negotiable.

So this month we will begin a personal growth series on how to handle different situations to change what we do not like or make us good. Toxic relationships, hurtful feelings, even lack of self-love.

We are also going to reinforce self-love with fashion, style and care, which never hurts.

If you have a particular request, want to tell us your story or would like to read about something specific, do not hesitate to contact us.


This is how to increase your self-esteem in 10 different ways.

As times change, today we are single mothers, heads of the family, students and workers at the same time, housewives, and we even run empires. And everything, in heels. Or sneakers, it doesn’t matter.

We have that power to think beyond, on 5 different issues at the same time. We can do it without hesitation but sometimes we don’t see how to get out of an uncomfortable situation. Does it make sense to you?

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So this month we will dig deep and begin to assert ourselves as women, in a way that we should have long ago. And if you think you can’t, we are going to help you achieve it.

Ready to set the rules for your own life? Here we go!

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