New Beginning. Fearless.

We like to think that, beyond the resolutions we can take or how skeptical we may be, the new year is an opportunity to improve. To change the unwanted, to take new strength.

We usually talk from experience. It was a good year, with its negative things but with many advances. So just keep moving forward.


The worst moment of our year (or How to lose everything in a second).

Do you have any new personal projects? We want to share the tools we use for our own projects: organization, methods, apps, experiences so you can learn from other people who have already traveled the path.

Thinking about a complete change? We will focus on tips and tricks to continue to facilitate trivial issues so you can pay attention to the important ones. But we will also encourage you to set aside some time and space for yourself. Because you are the protagonist and it is essential that you understand and learn to invest in yourself.

Looking for new horizons? We will help you with the best motivation. And we don’t mean nice quotes for you to put on your phone. We mean to be closer, to help you in your search, that you can contact us through our social media and have a more personal relationship (believe it or not, we are flesh and blood and we would love to meet you!).

So here we go. This year we’re going to grow a lot, together. We will try to be present at every step as you become the woman you always dreamed of being. It may seem a little utopian, but we asure you it’s not.

A while ago (not too far away), we were in that place. Looking at ourselves in the mirror and wishing to be in such a way, having such a job, or feeling such a sensation. It all starts with the way you look at yourself. If you believe in yourself, you can become anything.

Later, you understand that what you have inside and you want is what you really are, and there is nothing better than becoming ourselves. Our goal is to help you do it. Why? Because you helped us first.

So let’s set the goal, and walk to it, without fear. We’re not going alone.

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