Do you already dream of your gladiator sandals? You do well! This season they will also be at the top of the trends, as has happened for several years. What is great about shoes? They all look good on us, and they are an iconic piece in any outfit.

From 2006 with Givenchy and her angelic pony hair gladiator sandals to today, the “Roman sandals” have been a surefire touch of style and personality. Fashion houses have continued to make them season after season for their versatility and they have become a staple of the summer wardrobe.

But just last summer, over-the-knee Roman sandals have become popular in several countries where fashion arrives a season or two later (mine, for example). And here, happy about life, we show you the national and international options that make this a piece to consider as an investment for your summer wardrobe.

Top 10 gladiator sandals on the runway

The maximum inspiration that we can have from a garment, we see it on the catwalk.

There’s no time like seeing knee-length gold Gucci come out of nowhere that wraps around a model’s endless legs. Have you felt that adrenaline?

We invite you to feel it again, seeing the best gladiators of all time on the catwalk.


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Shopping guide: get the best treats on gladiator sandals

We know, it is not easy to get these monuments. Local brands tend to only stick to one style, so it is best to go online shopping, where you have a better chance of finding a pair that goes with your personal style.

You may be thinking: “But I have a rocker style, and there is not this kind of thing for my style.” Yes there is. Check out the second option to wear with good leather pants and a red Victorian shirt, or check out option 8 or 9 to wear with shorts or jean skirt and a shirt from your favorite band. You see it?

There are gladiators for all styles: urban, rock, bohemian, boho, romantic, glamorous. And I’ll tell you why: because fashion houses have understood that it is already a basic (like boots, or sneakers), and that it can be adapted to any style.

So don’t hesitate to look for the ones that make you fall in love the most and go for them! Here we show you some options, but there are many more!

How to wear your gladiators?

Despite its versatility for different styles, it is important that when you put on your gladiators you take into account some tips that we show you below, with practical examples in styling sets:


Everyday looks

ImageProxy (11)

For the day, shorts are the best ally for gladiators. You can use them with all the heights of cane, compensating for the visual load: if the gladiators are made of thin and simple strips, go for a denim shorts (heavy fabric) and something printed on top.


ImageProxy (13)

Short fringed gladiators are ideal to wear with simple accessories, to achieve visual balance. On set, we show them to you in distressed denim shorts and a white T-shirt.ImageProxy (2)

Combining styles is also important for the balance of an outfit, and it is what makes it unique. Over a basic raincoat, we put on a hippie-reminiscent T-shirt, and to counter we added gold gladiators worthy of the royalty of Rome.

Afternoon ladylike

ImageProxy (12)

For the afternoon, we love the idea of a lightweight blouse and gladiator skirt. The skirts have the virtue of being able to be worn with all the heights of cane, becoming the romantic, sexy or feminine option of this MUST.


White and with an equestrian touch, these Roman women complement a romantic chemissier with a thick belt with an important buckle, emulating a Greek but current style.

ImageProxy (14)

Roman sandals for the beach must go with shorts, skirts and dresses. This one with a chevron motif and sailor flair also lends itself to striking accessories that bring the look to life.

Night out and some metal


ImageProxy (18)

Gladiators are also protagonists in outings with friends or partner. When they are taco and are worn with pants (bootcuts and oxfords are prohibited), it is advisable to roll up the sleeve to reveal the sandals. Otherwise, it is visually interfered with the outfit being too loaded in its lower part.

ImageProxy (10)

If your ally at the exit is the skirt, use it with a sequin on the blouse, high-top Roman boots, and an iconic handbag.

ImageProxy (17)

For festive occasions without a dress code, a modern jumpsuit and simple-cut blazer can be great allies for high-heeled gladiators. They are impressive, so try to carry a smooth and small bag.

ImageProxy (1)

Maxi dresses go with all types of gladiators, but we recommend high-waisted ones only for those with a cut (for a matter of purpose). On set, we show you some unique sandals in gold to enhance a bohemian dress in white.

ImageProxy (15)

For cocktails, a high-heeled Roman is enough, whether they are high or low. The key is to share the opulence of the elements: embroidered dress, brocatto jacket, and pony skin sandals (I saw them first, don’t fall in love with them).



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Streetstyle to inspire your game with roman sandals

Street style is the proof: Roman women get along with everything, and at all times. Their versatility of style allows you to adapt them perfectly to your personality almost like a basic: there are them with platforms, shirts, with high heels for the night, full of stones, simple and flat, or worthy of a Greek goddess.

Ready to get inspired?

Get yours and get ready to be a Greek goddess! 😉

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