Work with us!

Wanna be part of the new paradigm in the fashion and beauty world? 

If you're a brand or entrepreneur

We love to try new products and services with purposes that cling to our values: to help create a new paradigm of fashion and beauty, where we can highligh the real and leave aside the artificial. Work with us for the real, not the unattainable.

If your goal is to make the woman feel beautiful as she is, to love herself and take care of herself for her value and not by a standard, we can work together.

Nowadays, women look for products and services that fit their needs and not the other way. You can read our manifesto to make sure your audience is here.

Contact us by writing to [email protected], we would love to read proposals to empower women together!

If you're blogger, writer or influencer

We are always excited to collaborate with writers or influencers in the niche of fashion, makeup and beauty.

If you have a passion for writing and want to be part of this change, work with us! 

Write us with a sample of your work (or a link where we can read something from you) to [email protected].

If you are a blogger and looking for collaborations, you can also get in touch! We’ll be happy to meet you and read your work, and exchange ideas that help our purposes. Let’s grow together!

Tell us a little about yourself and what kind of collaboration you have in mind. You can read about us before doing so. We will respond as soon as possible to work together!

We're recruiting!

If you love fashion, makeup and the everything beauty, and want to be part of the change, we propose to be part of our army 😉

We are looking for women of all ages, passionate about showing that style can take you far. That you don’t have to be a magazine model to be perfect, that fashion is not for an elite and that we can all look fabulous.

If you want to be an ambassador of the new paradigm and be part of our army, write to [email protected] with the subject “LTL ARMY”.