If there’s a fashion icon that’s gotten us into the gut on the girl screen, that’s the queen of the Upper East Side, Blair Waldorf. And many have wondered if the iconic character is not based on the fabulous and always neat Olivia Palermo.

Olivia’s style is highlighted by numerous fashion and beauty publications. Highlights a languid base of juxtaposed classics to a PRO level matching. Add accessories and a unique blend of colors. And voila: there’s Olivia. Perfect, point blank.

Yes, it’s a style to copy that many bloggers have imitated, and many editors have weighted in the pages of Streetstyle of their publications. And it’s not for less, because Olivia takes it with all the attitude (as Queen B would’ve done). Let’s take a look at the five most distinctive points of your style (and of course, how to get it).

1.- Maxisweaters

Olivia Palermo is known for wearing maxisweaters with feminine skirts or tight trousers. In this way, it manages to generate contrast of styles and volume in the upper part. It is a bet that gives a casual touch to any pristine garment. Or, on the contrary, it allows you to wear a formal garment on an ordinary day.

2.- Mix and match

The IT-girl is marked by the most prestigious fashion editors in the industry for her impeccable taste to mix colors and prints. Obviously, she does it without fear and with much creativity, as it should be.

Like all Pro, it is based on a basic print that works as smooth color, and another one that stands out a little more. For example, their support prints are usually stripes, pictures, monochrome prints, small drawings or of great influence of a single color.


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3.-Flats with all:

Olivia may look like a superstar with Chanel on the Front Row of Paris Fashion Week. But she’s the next door girl in the day to day with her flats. Endless collection If there are, most of them used as basic (yes, when any of us wouldn’t dare to use them far from jeans and white T-shirt).

Ballerinas, Sleepings, loafers, everything goes to mix with trousers (skinny, loose, skinny, etc), shorts, short skirts and maxi.

4.-Goin ' formal:

When it comes to events, Olivia chooses mostly neutral colors and classic shapes. But, every so often, it surprises us with amazing prints or unexpected textures.

Sheer, laces or some prominent cutting/cleavage are also usually recurrent. That, in the midst of a rather angelic and predictable look to break structures and give the note of creativity.

5.- Over-all, Olivia

Without a doubt, the star garment for Olivia Palermo is always the coat. If the cold deserves it, of course. We will see it as the protagonist of his outfits very often, and this denotes the variety of coats in her closet.

In her winter looks, the Blair of real life is not unnoticed by them. Color on monochrome, stellar prints, exclusive models, enviable textures.

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